Moving On Up!

When we started AM Collective in November of 2019, we had no clue how to run a business or just how far our little shop would come. This is our 4th move and our very first expansion! That said, we're feeling nostalgic this week so take a look back with us.

This was our very first space in the basement of Clinton Row. It was tiny, dark and you could easily get lost trying to find it. However, we were so excited that we really didn't care. We started out with a chair, a single shelf, and a rug. We didn't really have any product and, at the time, it wasn't our intention to have vendors or consigners. There were a few earrings, hoops, my artwork left over from college, and a tiny selection of clothes that came from our own closets.

In January of 2020, we moved to the back hallway on the 1st floor. We were thrilled to be on the same floor as the majority of the other retail shops and for a fresh start for the new year. It seems like we had just got everything moved and settled when we had to close in March due to the pandemic. We were very fortunate to already have a website up and running so that customers could still place orders and we had so many custom orders that they kept us busy during the two months we were closed.

We were so worried when we were able to open back up in May that we would have little to no sales. People were simply still not comfortable being around others just yet and we were still taking as many precautions as we could. Little did we know that we would only have our little space in the back for two more months. The ladies at Creative State had our back and offered us half of their space in July when they downsized. We finally had our very own window space! Not only that, but people genuinely wanted to support local businesses more than ever, and we were also able to bring in our first local artists and consigners.

That brings us to today. Creative State moved into a larger space which allowed us to expand into their previous space. Our newly expanded shop opened on Saturday, February 26th! We now have one section dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories, and the other is vintage home goods and local artwork. Thank you to everyone who has helped bring us this far! We can't wait to see where we go from here. Come see us!

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