Michaela's Favorites from her Personal Collection

It's Michaela's top 3 from her own collection! Sometimes we come across things we simply can't part with and these are no different. That also means there will probably be more peeks at our collections coming soon!

First on the list is this amazing set of Mickey Mouse ears from the 1950s/60s. These cute little ears have a kid's name, Bo, chain-stitched on the back. We both have a weakness for items with personal details, especially names. I'm sure this was one of little Bo's most treasured possessions.

This super rad yellow skateboard is from the 1970s. Michaela picked this guy up to use as a decoration for her wedding. They used it as a display for mini cheesecake bites and it was a huge hit! It's always fun to repurpose an item for something other than its original use. It gives it a new life and keeps cool stuff out of the landfill.

Last but not least for this round are these baby bear salt and pepper shakers. Michaela loves all the cute salt and pepper shakers, so when she saw these little babies from Japan she melted and just had to have them. A date was hard to locate for them, but due to the iconic Twiggy eyelashes, we are guessing they are from the 1960s.

That's it for this week's show and tell! Share your favorite items with us and why they're your favorite. We would love to see them and you may be featured in a future post!

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