Ashli's Favorites From Her Personal Collection

I've been collecting for a long time and my favorites are always the pieces with a story. I am so lucky to have inherited many things from my great grandparents and they will always be my most cherished. However, I'm always down for a good treasure hunt!

It was so hard to pick my favorites, so these are just a few. They're a mix of inherited pieces and my best thrift finds that I couldn't part with.

This hand-beaded velvet purse is a little worn, but the detail and craftsmanship are amazing. My Great Grandmother brought this back from Japan, where they were stationed when my Grandmother was little.

This 60s mod dress and vest duo is one of my all-time favorite thrift finds. When I tried it on and it fit perfectly, I knew I had to keep it. The color combo and intricate embroidery are just stunning. And most importantly, it has pockets!

I wish I had the full set of these mid-century dishes! My late mother-in-law included a few platters with this pattern in a huge lot of dishes she gave us when we moved into our home. I've been on the hunt for them ever since (let me know if you come across any!).

These were my Mammaw's hats and they are still in great condition for their age. I also have her husband's fedora. There's just nothing else as charming as vintage hats.

I won this steamer trunk from a Downtown Rescue Mission auction. It is massive so I had to make room in my house, but I love it so much. The interior is in such good shape for its age and I only paid $30 for it!

This item is probably one of the most unique things that I own. I don't know much about it other than it is around 130 years old and was removed from a church in Tennessee when it was torn down. It lived in a barn until it found its way to me a few years ago. (Bonus: check out that little peek of my favorite sunflower crewel kit 😍)

Some of my favorite clothes that I wear regularly and a good bit of my home decor came from both sets of my great-grandparents and I love the fact that they're along for the ride even though they're not here with me anymore. I think that's the joy of vintage and antiques - that you're giving old items a new life and continuing their story through your own.

I may have to do a Part 2 at some point!

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